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Seasonal Lawn Mowing Services

At Corvias, we do our best to improve your quality of life and overall housing experience. To us, this means making your life easier and taking chores off your plate when we can. As part of this, Corvias provides commercial lawn mowing services as a benefit of living on post. All common areas of each neighborhood, including all lawn areas, are thoroughly maintained through the use of the approved commercial grounds maintenance contractor, KCS Landscape Management. Services will also include the portion of the lawn located inside the boundary of housing fences. However, those areas must be fully accessible to receive services.

In order to mow your lawn, all of the following items must be prepared:

  • Gates are accessible and unlocked
  • Pets are confined
  • Personal belongings are picked up

In the event that the above conditions are not met, resident will be responsible for maintaining landscaping inside inaccessible fenced areas to Corvias specifications.

Lawn Care Schedule

At this time, Midway Common's lawns are maintained on Thursdays. If it rains on your scheduled lawn care day, your makeup day will be on Friday of the same week.

No Mow Option

We understand if you prefer to maintain your own lawn. If you do, please contact your Neighborhood Office, so we can place you on the no-mow list so that our lawn mowing crews will know to skip your lawn. If you choose to place your home on the no-mow list, you will be expected to cut and trim your lawn as often as—and at least to the standard of—our commercial lawn mowing service.