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The six communities at Fort Meade were created with families in mind.

On post at Fort Meade, there are six communities designed to meet your family's needs. Our communities are ideal for families of all shapes and sizes and feature several home styles with two, three and four bedrooms. Each community has amenities for residents to enjoy, including playgrounds, picnic areas and our state-of-the-art Community Centers. Whatever the size of your family, you'll find the home to suit your needs at Fort Meade.

Meuse Forest »

Heritage Park »

Normandy Bluffs »

Meuse Forest contains the newest construction in Fort Meade housing and is home to almost all rank bands. Meuse Forest has new and renovated homes for junior NCOs, senior NCOs and company and field-grade officers.

Heritage Park contains some of Fort Meade's uniquely beautiful historic homes and cottages originally built in the 1930s. These charming homes and cottages are some of the most popular on post and serve our junior NCOs, company-grade officers, senior-grade officers and general and flag officer residents.

Normandy Bluffs is an extension of the Heritage Park community and home to the junior NCO rank band.

Patriot Ridge »

Midway Common »

Potomac Place »

Home to junior and senior NCOs, Patriot Ridge features beautiful, Colonial-style homes.

Midway Common is home to single-family, one-level ranchers, townhomes and the popular combination townhome, available to most rank bands. It is an Urban-style neighborhood, reminiscent of a traditional family-oriented community.

Potomac Place is home to the largest Neighborhood Center on Fort Meade and features a half-court gym, children's library and a communications kiosk. New and renovated homes for junior NCO, senior NCO, company-grade and field-grade officer ranks, have been designed with input from Fort Meade families, showcasing all different styles.